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It is said that the rarer something is, its value exponentially increases in contrast. Yet everywhere we look, a new stock of freshly distilled delusions of grandeur is offered up as revisionist history and emotional grandstanding by the professionals and their faithful followers. 

The very thing that so many people scream by demonstrating their undying allegiance, inherently reveals the predictability of behavior lacking minimal understanding. That rare, elusive, and invaluable thing is all that matters until what matters is offered free of charge. 

Free. Is anything free? That which costs someone else is now made available at no cost to another—how is this so? The idea that a rare and invaluable thing can somehow be acquired for the exchange of nothing in return is in fact dumb. 

Something so rare and invaluable as freedom will always require a repeated valuation of its authenticity from time to time. To possess such a rare find will require an undeniable responsibility to experience the honor, teach others its benefits, and when required—sacrifice.

To know true freedom is to know Him who voluntarily surrendered His life so that you and I could have legitimate access to eternal life—Jesus Christ.

Salvation comes with a price tag labeled free because it is free to everyone who genuinely wants it. But make no mistake, it was made available at the highest possible price! 

Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” -John 14:7

And so it is, that invaluable thing which we seek is that of our own soul to be made whole with our Creator. To receive that is only a prayer away. 

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