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I’ve never seen anyone captivate an audience like Egypt, literally within the first few words out of his mouth. His heart is transparent and anyone with a pulse can see there’s something very appealing about him. As a colleague and friend, many people aren’t aware of know how much time Egypt commits to counseling adults and young people on all kinds of life issues and addictions. Egypt has a way of making you feel like your the only person in the room, regardless of whether he’s speaking to an audience of a few or thousands.late, Garrett Breeland
Former NFL Linebacker
What You Can Expect:
As we begin the process of planning and delivering your event, here is what you can expect from my team and me:
(1)  Prompt, courteous, and professional responses to phone calls and email messages.
(2)  An initial phone consultation with a member of my team or myself prior to your event.
(3)  An announcement about your event in my monthly newsletter, social media channels, and/or my satellite television show (per your permission)
(4) A professionally prepared and delivered proposal/outline designed to meet your objectives and the unique needs of the audience.
(5)  Communication with the conference planners and attendees during the course of the event.
(6)  A brief, post event communication for evaluation purposes.


The Story behind Egypt McKee:
In 1989, after having honorably served four years in the United States Air Force, I moved on to begin my career in the Aerospace industry in Phoenix, Arizona while also attending undergraduate school in business management, where I graduated in 1993 with a Bachelors of Science in Management. While attending a corporate training seminar, I met renowned business woman, Sally Crawford, who took notice of my ability to captivate an audience and command respect as a leader. I later decided to join her Chicago-based technology consulting firm as a corporate trainer and management consultant.
After a year of training thousands of corporate executives and sales teams, I later joined Deloitte & Touche and Pricewaterhouse to direct their enterprise software consulting practices. It was after a few years of this time in career that I recognized my overwhelming desire to return to an influential position whereby I could speak and facilitate audiences again. I decided to step out and start my own company specializing in business consulting, training, and education.
When Egypt came to share with our group, he was captivating from the very beginning and had our group laughing within minutes, if not seconds. His words were straight from the heart and it was obvious he was quite knowledgeable in both the Bible and the subject matter. I have no doubt he would be great for any marital topics, as well as speaking just to the guys. I was also very impressed with how natural it was for him to share to our large group of moms.Chino Hills, California
Brina Kunkel, MOPS Coordinator
I’ve been fortunate to have spoken to tens of thousands of corporate executives, sales teams, and employees throughout the country on a variety of topics ranging from leadership, technology, sales, and presentation skills. In 2003, I was asked by a dear friend to speak to the student body of one of the largest high schools in Southern California. I couldn’t resist, so I did, and what happened next was the genesis of my journey as a Speaker and Evangelist to young adults, men, and women.
That single speaking opportunity led to more than two dozen invitations from other high schools, universities, and churches throughout Southern California. Since then, I have spoken to more than 1.5 million young adults in universities, high schools, middle schools, and conferences throughout the United States and internationally. I’ve also continued to speak and facilitate conferences, workshops, and special events to thousands of parents, faculty, and administration.
Furthermore, having served two decades as a counseling pastor, particularly in crisis and intervention scenarios, I draw often from my experiences to inspire others in the public domain as well as in churches. Today, my speaking brand includes public venues, schools, television, radio, and churches for young adults, men, women, mothers of preschoolers (MOPS), and couples. I don’t build buildings, but I do build up people.
My wife and I were both married at age 19, and I’m excited to have been married to the same beautiful woman for over 28 years now. We have three young adult children, Tiffany, Whitney, and E. Zachary. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, exercising, skydiving, and filmmaking.

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