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It doesn’t matter where your journey takes you life, there’s sure to be an endless supply of people waiting to greet or ignore your very existence. Somehow, it’s as if life has a crude way of repeating the same old melodramas with each of our experiences, which radically impacts our character. Have you ever considered the daily stresses associated with simply being yourself? There must be a predictable routine that you’ve come to enjoy by now? Questions which were once undetected, now rank with the highest priority.

The days of wondering what to wear, what to eat, and who to spend time with are merely pathetic ventures that cannot possibly compare with the latest threats to cross our paths. Everywhere we look, there are magazines that lead us to believe there is a reason to care about celebrities and their failed relationships, or the latest gossip on your favorite musician. Somehow, all these things are merely a vapor in the parlor room of fog-induced reality, and are quickly vanishing before our eyes.

Squinting to see more clearly, yet rubbing our heads in disbelief rests the staunch reality that we are surrounded by short people everywhere. Rhetorical questions fill the air, such as, “Where did they all come from?” which is pointless because they’ve always been here. Logic wrestles in vain with our self-esteem to count the number of our adversaries, while the most violent of offender’s stares us in the face. Our long and distinguished history of finger pointing, excuses and jokes with friends seem to haunt us at the most inopportune times. Family, friends, media and failed relationships are no longer funny, yet we often find ourselves cast in a starring role as the peacemaker or peace-taker.Angry Man

At this point, mastering the essence of short people will likely become a skill that will assist us far along on the road of life. If you listen closely, you might hear the distinct sound of an assembly line of workers struggling to maintain self-control in the hearts of short people, yet their legends far outweigh their perceived stature. The effects of bogus propaganda, arrogance and a self-inflated ego are especially valuable to short people who make a living erupting in anger and rage as if a mobilized volcano. The short fuse in their mind is highly sensitive at best, while its connection to their mouths resembles a single-track rail system that is long overdue for repairs.

How can that subtle, calm, gentle person transform from a demeanor of kindness to demon-spawn in the blink of any eye? Maybe you know short people like this—maybe you are a short person? There is nothing quite like the experience of being caught in the middle of repeated verbal assaults that generally lead to hurt feelings, resentment, and hatred toward others. The arrogance of one man is merely an opportunity for another to demonstrate wisdom and understanding.

Proverbs 15:18, “A hothead starts fights; a cool-tempered person tries to stop them.” (NLT)

There will always be an endless supply of big-talkers, braggers, and hotheads in the world. It’s tragic that most people are forced to react to the intimidation of one short person with a big ego. As a master manipulator, short people thrive on exploiting others through the unspoken rule, “He who yells the loudest, must be the Right!” Later in this book, you’ll find a chapter I wrote entitled, “Can’t we all just get along?” where I raised several issues regarding our struggle to overcome barriers in relation to our cultural and ethnic differences.

It’s interesting how easily we jump on the bandwagon of perceived racial or political supremacy, yet we tend to be the first in line to spit out a long list of stereotypes about other cultures and ethnicities without a genuine understanding about them—he who speaks the loudest is not always right! Following a fool, regardless of who they are, is no excuse to live your life as if your only purpose in life is to treat anyone in sight as if they are responsible for pain and suffering you refuse to admit is buried in your past.

Life is short, and that has very little to do with your vertical stature, yet everything to do with the integrity of your heart. The absence of genuine peace will easily disintegrate anyone’s hope. What would it take for you to stand in truth today even if it meant standing alone?

Until next time, Be encouraged.

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