Thank You for Your Patience.

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Have you ever noticed how every time you’re in a hurry, no one else is? Early this morning, I decided to run an errand to a well known retail-grocery chain. My primary intention was for an uneventful experience to quickly get in, purchase what I needed, and be on my way.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of thinking my plan is coming together until I was faced with the option of how I was going to checkout and pay for my items: (1) Self checkout, or (2) Cashier checkout line? All I could think of was, “Which line is moving fastest?”

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Egypt McKee

The self checkout was already occupied by customers who seemed to be having all kinds of trouble scanning their items, whereas the cashier check-out line only had one customer with a few items, but the cashier seemed to be setting a new world record for the slowest checkout procedure.

After having chosen to stand in the cashier checkout line and wait for the cashier to lethargically finish ringing up the customer ahead of me, I realized the impatience in my heart was absolutely unwarranted and self serving.

Rather than saying good morning, my checkout cashier greeted me by saying, “Thank you for your patience.” I was instantly overwhelmed with the conviction that the universe doesn’t revolve around my life, nor is my perceived plan to get in and get out a priority for others.

I wonder how many times a day we’re faced with real opportunities to observe the beauty of nature, the needs of mankind, or the simple joy of being alive, yet we bury our heads in our smartphones as we text away every waking moment or roam the internet seeking worthless “likes” on our statuses?

Patience by its very nature cannot be hurried in its virtue. Nevertheless, time isn’t the factor for which patience is learned, rather it is the condition of our heart. I encourage you to think about ways you can learn to be patient today with circumstances or others in whom you are most annoyed. Buckle up, this may take awhile.

Until next time, Be encouraged.


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