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If you close your eyes long enough and concentrate on your surroundings, you’ll faintly hear the murmurings of intimate chatter, ruffled papers, and emotional appeals. Warnings of sensory overload overwhelm your mind and the satisfaction of balance is no longer familiar. Profound questions pound against the wall of your character while simultaneous conflicts arise in your mind in secret chambers of privacy and discretion.

Do great gifts come in small packages? Can something so small carry such a burden to shield, protect, yet promise bliss? In an instant, everything around you has stopped long enough to recognize the state of being versus the state of doing. The facial expressions of your closest friends melt away in the face of truth, and the pain of loneliness, depression and insignificance is recognized from across the room.

The magnifying glass of life leaves no burden unaccounted, yet the strength to apply it to self is infinitely more difficult than analyzing other peoples indiscretions. Is it the clothes or lack thereof that is the problem? Never before have you experienced a desire to know the cause beyond the effects. Promotion of failed relationships, hook-ups, and fitting-in has left you scrambling around for cover, yet the promise of bliss is yet to be fulfilled.

The struggles of life have once again confronted you on the grand stage of character and integrity. Until now, neither mattered in a world where purity and hope were senseless commodities; severely lacking popular appeal. The promise to deliver protection and bliss is merely the question that demands a verdict, yet many will not consider the obvious.

Guarantees that “one size fits all” work overtime to ensure delusions of grandeur to be the greatest goal of life. The will to stand up for truth is quickly swallowed up in the first person to show you attention. A beautiful smile, curves that defy logic or muscles that need your attention are merely intoxicating eye-candy that leaves you dazed in emotional euphoria.

Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.”  (NKJV)

The pressure to perform has skyrocketed to an all-time high and the opinions of others motivate your behavior to appease. Who’s appeasing whom at this point? Whispers from childhood memory, remind you that you reap what you sow, yet payment would eventually come due. What’s the big deal? Live a little is what you’ve always thought, or at least that’s what you heard others say. Unfortunately, the profound depth of “living a little” won’t be realized until its far too late.

Hopeless TeenEventually, an investment must be made, commitments must be given, and actions must be taken. The promise to protect is once again put to the test in the court of truth and popular opinion. Everyone faces the same judge and enters through the same doors of the court. The smell of fresh cut wood line the floors, walls and rafters, yet there is something distinct about the rough splinter-like appearance of this majestic hall. The courtroom is clearly marked and the contrasts of those who are seated in popular opinion far outnumber those sitting on the side of truth and integrity.

Another decision is brought out for all to see. To be or not to be might be “a question”, but rest assured it is not “the question.” The evidence has been presented and witnesses have testified, and there is one thing left before the judge renders a decision—your testimony. Instantaneously, you feel the adrenaline of fear and anxiety cripple your bones, yet giving your opinion will be required without the aid of your paparazzi.

At this point, it is obvious on the battlefield of truth, that your opinions, convictions, and character have been intertwined in the hands of those who know less about you than yourself. Decisions made repeatedly in the past, have now been challenged on the basis of authority and obedience? The desire to reach into your pocket and trust a small silicone package is now more pathetic than the embarrassment of having been called out to make your own decisions. Years of hiding behind the silhouette of false promises and expectations smeared in the lubricant of deception and delusion is no more fulfilling than ransoming your most prized possession—your virginity!

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