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The longer I reflect upon the damage created in the wake of countless mistakes, the more I’m convinced that in order to remain engaged in the good fight in life, I must lean upon an age old lesson in wise counsel–know which fight to engage. Please hear me out before jumping to any conclusions.

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve practiced the art of biting my tongue on more than one occasion over the past few months, particularly as it relates to the opinions of others, social media, and personal responsibility. It wasn’t long ago in human history when getting from place to place meant walking, or returning home before the street lights came on.

These days, it appears the idea of brutal honesty has been traded in for brutal stupidity. The things people post publicly on their social media accounts would likely never be said in person, yet for whatever reason, it seems empowering to sit behind a computer screen and curse the very existence of anyone who disagrees with an unchallenged worldview.

Don't Judge Me.

Today, I ran into a young woman in her early 20’s that enjoys the “party” lifestyle more than life itself. Her perspective orbited around young men and their perceived affections for her. All hell broke loose when I asked a simple question, “Do your guy friends respect you?” …. I received her undeniable response loud and clear, “Don’t Judge Me!”

This trite response was merely code for, “Don’t influence me to acknowledge and own my stupid choices.” After calming her down and appealing to the core of her pain, it was evident to me that the pain of her absentee father had left a scar so deep that she was willing to sell her soul to be affirmed by a replacement “daddy” with washboard abdominals and a golden boy smile.

Listen, respect doesn’t begin AFTER your clothes come off. Far too often, we think our perspective is the only relevant and valid viewpoint, so we feel a sense of duty to judge others harshly. I wonder how effective we would be in life if we were slower to speak and quick to listen? Make no mistake, meek is not weak.

Until next time, Be encouraged.

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