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There simply aren’t many things in life that seem to carry the prestige of indulgence that is fantasized more frequently than Heaven itself. The power to motivate some through sensual appeal, yet condemn others through compulsive appetite is an incredible phenomena. The mere thought of it can buckle the knees of the strongest mind or cause the dedicated to abandon their purpose; yet stand as a succulent reward for those who dare reach out to grasp its fame.

Speaking of weaknesses, have you considered where your battle is fought? The heat of battle is often fought without understanding the objective, yet we march on to fight another day for a purpose we neither understand nor believe. In the midst of all the chaos, arguments and failures, lays a subtle reminder of our vulnerability wrapped in an attractive package containing the sweet temptation of the finest chocolate.

Long before you knew you were in battle, the scars of repeated failure reminded you of the intense warfare, yet an understanding of “why” would not be answered. Rhetorical questions swirled around in your mind and lay uneasy on your heart like a dormant land-mine awaiting discharge. One failed relationship after another led you to blame others, yourself and finally God, yet your chocolate was always there to sooth your pain through another mistake.IMG_3286

Targeted campaigns of sensuality, lust and sex have risen faster than the stock market in times of plenty! The two-sided coin features the women who starve for genuine affirmation & attention through men and others who attempt to meet those needs from character birthed in the tail end. Navigation never meant as much as it does now as you bend, tuck and roll to avoid the moving targets of life that reinforce social acceptance for acting out illicit fantasies and behaviors.

2 Corinthians 12:9, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” (NIV)

What do you see in yourself? How do others see you? Is there a difference? The rocky road you’ve traveled thus far is merely getting started. Do you remember the boy or girl you first dated? Emotions were difficult to gauge because everything was new, exciting yet somewhat uncomfortable. Small talk of anything quickly became the focus of life, yet your relationships today are dying for lack of oxygen.

What else is there to do when your alone again, or worse–married for a significant period of time and feeling alone. The person who once was your source of chocolate has now become a lemon. This tragic transformation didn’t happen over night, yet picking your fights has ultimately been rewarded with a cold relationship, a broken heart and a perceived unattainable chocolate: the joy of being happy again.

The delusion of proving your strength by returning to the scene of the crime is as pathetic as the alcoholic who thinks they are strong enough to hang around a bar or someone with a sexual addiction who spends hot summer afternoons at the beach studying the inhabitants of the land. Weaknesses are found in everyone, yet there is only one source for overcoming them and I am convinced that is through a deliberate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many of you have heard that before and are sick of it, yet whatever it is that you’ve been trying so far isn’t working out; at least not as you’d hoped. Rest assured, life offers more varieties of chocolate than you will ever know. I know there is hope for you today, but the question is, Do you want it?

Until next time, Be encouraged.


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