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Have you ever had one of those days when everything you intended to do simply wasn’t accomplished? That’s how my day started recently, so I decided to journey out to my local area Organic Foods Grocery Store to pick up some of my favorite foods. I can’t explain why I decided to turn toward the vitamin isle, but I did, and I asked a woman who was stocking shelves for assistance—clearly, as a man, you can see the irony here.

After leading me to a different isle, she began to explain that the vitamins I wanted were recently discontinued, but that there were several other reputable brands available. She then went on to explain the differences in products with such knowledge and passion. I remember thinking to myself, “People typically point you in the direction you’ve asked for help, then bail out as quickly as possible.”

Shortly thereafter, she mentioned something about vitamins, life, and her bible study group with such fluidity that I almost didn’t recognize the phrase “bible study group” in a public place, and while at work no less. I couldn’t help but immediately interrupt by asking her to tell me more about her bible study group, and she did.

Interestingly, our conversation began in the midst of the vitamin isle, which caused us to step aside periodically so other customers could go around us with their shopping carts. The more she shared her lifes testimony, the more I began to wonder who was helping whom at this point? Instantaneously, the thought ran across my mind that I am the one who is generally helping others, yet I found myself in the presence of someone who inspired me with a testimony about the importance of “waiting.”

At this point, I had heard enough, and proceeded to ask if I could pray for her right then—right there? She responded, “yes”, so I held her hand in the middle of the grocery store isle and prayed for her. My experience leads me to wonder—are you interruptable? Please don’t miss the message for sake of your perspective of the messenger. Boom.

Until next time, Be encouraged.


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