In plain sight.

Far too often, parents of young adults in their 20’s tell me they’re losing trust in their relationships with their children to drugs, alcohol, lies, and deceit. Up unto this point, the combination of skills required for successful parenting would be surpassed by the all-elusive skill as an advisor, counselor, and listener.

On the other side of the argument, rests a twenty-something year old young adult feverishly testing the laws of the sum total of all they’ve learned in life. Unfortunately, there is no plan-B embedded within the idea that once you’re of age—you’re on your own.

In Plain SightLife is hard enough, even with minimal challenges. Everyone needs a mentor and someone to mentor in life. Sadly, most people have neither, and they wander in plain sight without an honorable person to listen, lean upon, or lift up. I want to encourage you to find a quiet place today and take an honest look at your life, and consider who you’d trust to invite into your life as a mentor, and also the person who needs you to be their mentor.

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I speak to hundreds of thousands of young adults, men, women, and couples annually on leadership, decision making, and relationships.  Sometimes life has a way of being the antidote to life itself. If you’d like more information on this topic or how to bring me in as a speaker for your next event, please  contact me.

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  1. Prayed for your evening tonight that the Holy Spirit would guide and use your words and that all who hear would have open hearts and ears. Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness Egypt.

    • Thank you Linda! Tonight was incredible. I spoke to young adults on the process of maturing, growing up, and taking responsibility in their lives. I love every opportunity to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation.