The Clown Bell.

As the oldest of five to a single mother, I have a deep appreciation and admiration for mothers, and their unenviable task of maintaining order in an often-chaotic household. Witnessing a mother wear multiple hats forged in steel on the battlefield of childrearing, midnight feedings, sleep deprivation, and menstrual cycles is nothing short of miraculous.

Somehow lost in the cadence of screaming children, dogs barking, and the television playing in the background, offers that rare moment when your children are actually quiet, content, and most of all—preoccupied.idiot Bell

How could letting your guard down be so tempting? In just the blink of an eye, the phone rings, and you’re convinced you can actually carry on a conversation with a friend in peace. No sooner than it takes for you to pick up the phone and begin your discussion; it’s as if Ringling Brothers hit the idiot bell and summoned your children to a new level of noise production while demanding your undivided attention, and simultaneously leveraging your body as a jungle gym.

The good news is these days are few in the span of parenting, and I encourage you to enjoy them as much as possible. Leveraging your village to provide your children a healthy outlet while maintaining and strengthening your relationships is a critical part of your life’s balance.

Until next time, Be encouraged.


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